Paul Hutton Canine Behaviour Centre


A concept for moulding and shaping dog behaviour that produced a 'hassle free dog' that would always 'listen', even when off the lead and in situations of high distraction and temptation such as other dogs, visitors, cats, livestock, etc.

“I don’t think I could have coped without your support, especially during those early years when ‘Klaus’ was firing on all cylinders. Keep up the wonderful work you do with dogs.”

Imagine also that it was guaranteed to be effective with all dogs, regardless of age, breed, temperament or size.

And, if that's not enough, imagine that it enabled you to achieve this...

Without... raising your voice

Without... endlessly repeating yourself

Without... always growling No! (or Bah!)

Without... getting angry & frustrated

Without... smacking & threatening

Without... the need for boring repetitious training sessions

Without... using tidbit bribery

Imagine no more... it is a reality!

Developed by Paul Hutton, this unique concept represents nearly 30 years research, trial and development involving more than 15,000 dogs in both England and New Zealand. It is revolutionising the training, handling and behaviour modificiation of dogs.



“Thank you so much for your help with ‘Tyson’ and all the other dogs you have helped that have passed through the SPCA. Without you these dogs would not stand a chance in our society. Again thank you, and keep up the excellent work that you do for our K-9 friends.”
Vivienne - SPCA

How does it work?

The primary goal with Paul's concept is the development of a relationship of respect between the dog and its owner, through being smarter, not tougher.

It uses a common sense approach called 'behaviour shaping' which is founded on the recognition that a dog becomes 'what it is', not from simplistic training sessions, but from everything it experiences in a 24 hour period.

The dog's behaviour attitude and responsiveness are therefore moulded and shaped as a 'way of life', utilising all of those real life happenings which occur around home, on the street and at the park.

Within this endless learning environment, Paul combines the timeless principle of ‘consequences to actions’ with the powerful psychological tool of conditioned limitations to create, not only real and permanent behaviour changes, but a dog that does what is asked of it, because it chooses to.

Truly superior results are achieved with all of the dog's confidence and self esteem not only intact, but enhanced, ensuring a relationship of both respect and one where the owner is seen as fun and exciting to be with.


'Gypsy’ is doing great and it’s a real pleasure to walk her. Dogs she used to show aggression to she now wants to play with. Thanks again for all your help.

Why was it developed?

Although many hundreds of books have been written on the subject of dog training and behaviour and Dog Obedience Clubs exist in almost every town and city...very few dog owners actually realise their goal of a 'hassle free' dog that 'listens' in everyday life situations of distraction and temptation... Why?

The traditional dog training methods and procedures described in most books and used universally by Dog Obedience Clubs, revolve around formal repetitious routines and hours of endless lead work doing heel and sit.

Unfortunately, this type of training is seen by the dog in isolation to real life, as it in no way represents the many unpredictable situations which occur in a 24 hour period where control will be required. Free running 'off the lead' control is totally absent from dog obedience type training.

It is therefore very common to see dogs well performed in formal training routines, unable to be controlled in normal every day life, especially when off the lead and running free and in distracting situations.

The use of verbal/physical domination and/or food bribery practices is nearly always associated with this type of training, when in fact research has proven both practices to be highly ineffective in achieving reliable every day life control or meaningful behaviour improvements.

Clearly there was a need for radical improvements and a better way. One which would produce 'real results' for 'real life needs' with all dogs, especially those with stronger or so called difficult personalities.

Paul Hutton's concept, methods, techniques and programmes ensure that the unbelievable pleasure of owning a dog-unleashed and under control, is now within the grasp of all dog owners.