Paul Hutton Canine Behaviour Centre

About Paul Hutton

Who is Paul Hutton?

Paul Hutton and 'Digger'Paul Hutton is best described as someone with an immense affection and respect for dogs for what they are, while possessing a remarkable ability to see things from the dog's point of view.

For nearly 30 years now Paul has devoted his life to Applied Canine Psychology study and research, and has been personally involved with the training/behaviour modification of more than 15,000 dogs in both England and New Zealand.

During this time, Paul came to recognise and understand a 'silent language' which dogs have in common with all other animals. A language that is rarely recognised, but one which has been around for as long as animals have existed.

Using this understanding and given the opportunity to work with very large numbers of dogs, Paul went on to evolve his own method of communicating with dogs. His techniques and procedures not only produce spectacular results, but do so while totally avoiding the use of practices such as physical domination or bribing with food rewards. Also avoided is the very common practice of raising the voice and/or showing anger, replaced instead with a calm, normal voice or (if required) no voice at all.

“We would like to thank you for helping us to raise ‘Cairo’, we appreciate everything you have taught us.
Nikki & Warren

Paul's demonstrations of 'voiceless control' with previously uncontrollable dogs...even off the lead - around distractions are truly remarkable and have to be seen to be believed.

Paul's work over nearly 30 years has allowed him to fulfil his life long ambition to validate his always unflinching belief that all dogs were trainable, all dogs were controllable and all problem behaviour was reformable.

This belief, combined with his unequivocal preparedness to validate his theories, techniques and skills with any dog - sight unseen and his unprecedented Performance Guarantee, makes him unique and clearly demonstrates the level to which he has taken knowledge and expertise in the field of dog behaviour.

Why a Performance Guarantee?

Over recent years the training/behaviour industry has experienced huge growth. Unfortunately, because of the wide variation of both methods and performance standards, it has created a 'mine field' for dog owners seeking help with their dog's behaviour.

Paul Hutton's Performance Guarantee provides the ultimate in consumer protection while setting a clearly identifiable standard in the canine behaviour profession. It represents the ultimate qualification to perform.

My performance guarantee to you... At the completion of a consultation / programme session, if you are not 100% satisfied with my performance, the methods employed, or the results, I will not accept any payment for that consultation / programme session.